Hi there, I'm Rikke

I’m an independent motion graphic designer, animator and illustrator.

I can help visualise your ideas and make them come alive with animation and a little bit of magic.

Tell me about your project or just reach out for a chat: rikkearentoft@gmail.com

Long Story short

I grew up in the cold Jutland of Denmark, where I studied graphic design for 5 years at Designskolen Kolding.

Spend a great year in London. It was here, during an internship at a post production company in SoHo, my love for animation started.

Worked for almost 3 years at Sunday Animation Studio, Aarhus, but decided to move to Copenhagen and give the freelance life a chance.

I’ve been freelancing ever since and been lucky enough to work with some amazing folks from great places like DR Ramasjang, DR Ultra, Nordisk Film, Det Kongelige Teater, Drive Studio, Forlaget Gyldendal, Falcon io, Universal Music